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Mica Powder in various form is obtained by grinding crushing/mica scrap. It is produced by two types of processes, wet grinding and dry grinding.
We can supply mica powder upto 325 mesh which is derived from dry grinding process.


Coarse Fine Powder 30 Mesh Metals Explosives and disinfectant Annealing as an absorbent
    Automotive components  
Medium Fine Power 60 Mesh Welding electrodes, cables and wires As protective coatings and improves dielectric properties, electrical and mechanical strength
    Foundry works, pipeline, enamels, mastics, body lubricants, adhesive Improve physical properties, anti-sag, reduce cracking
Fine Powder 100 Mesh Texture paints Improves physical properties, architectural durability, adhesion, water proofing
    Acoustical plasters  
    Ceiling tiles  
Superfine Powder

325 Mesh

Paints Improves exterior durability, increase moisture resistance, flexibility, adhesion, etc.



Improves thermal and dielectric properties, impact strength, imparts heat resistance

Rubber products including automotive tyres


Prevents adhesion of rubber compound to the cores and outer sheaths during vulcanization


Provides stiffness, lower density and higher permeability



Packing: We export mica powder in strong Laminated HDPE or as per buyers' requirements.